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Creating Our React Function Component

Our first step is to create a bare version of the React component for the link menu. In this…

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Diagram of Implementing an Asynchronously Updating Frontend Feature (Image by Author)

Getting Started

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When making consumer decisions, it often seems that we are making conscious choices about the services we use and our preferred products. However, the companies competing for our business are constantly influencing our decisions in subtle ways. Companies often recommend specific products to increase the likelihood that we choose them over competitors and the mix of product options we are exposed to has become increasingly tailored to our personal preferences. This is based on the theory that someone is more likely to purchase and enjoy a product matching their preferences. Recommendation systems allow companies to increase user engagement, increase sales…

An example of a complex interface using SortableJS

Updated for Xcode 12 and Big Sur

The macOS Menu Bar in Big Sur

Sajan Gutta

Computer Science and Business Administration Student @ USC | Backend Developer @ Discotech | Passionate about Software Engineering

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