• Javier Orman

    Javier Orman

    Data science | International violinist | Film composer

  • Christopher Chaillot

    Christopher Chaillot

  • Yannick Raoul

    Yannick Raoul

  • Aadesh Bajaj

    Aadesh Bajaj

    Computer Science Student @ USC | Passionate about Product and Software Development

  • patrick_jcq


  • Anil Sanghi

    Anil Sanghi

    זיין צופרידן, לעבן דורכויס און גלויבן אין גאָט!

  • Jorge Da Silva

    Jorge Da Silva

    Backend developer | Hobbist Writer | Intense reader

  • Damian Grasso

    Damian Grasso

    Writing insightful content about the theories and realities of business, design and technology. Follow me to receive my latest content!

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