Welcome To My Medium Page!

If you’re a fellow developer interested in sharing ideas or picking up new skills, this is the place for you. I created this Medium blog with the intention of documenting the lessons I learn throughout my time in college and beyond. Think of it as my personal version of the engineering blogs many tech companies now maintain. The stories here will primarily relate to computer science and the tech industry. However, I will occasionally be inclined to mix it up. I guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out…

About Me
My name is Sajan Gutta. I’m currently a student at the University of Southern California studying Computer Science and Business Administration. While I have experience working on a full stack, I have a passion for backend development. In fact, I work part time during the school year with a Los Angeles based startup called Discotech (check us out here). I do my best work in Python but have experience with numerous programming languages and will aim to cover a diverse set here. The articles here will be derived from a mix of my experiences as a developer at Discotech, past internships, projects at USC, personal projects, future experiences, and life in general. To learn more about my background, check out my LinkedIn profile!

Fight On!

Why I Started This Page
The first reason I’m starting this page is to help others and share any knowledge that might be useful. When someone faces programming challenges I’ve already faced, I hope information shared here can help them. I also hope to provide helpful lessons and insight from my general experience. If the information here helps others, it is serving its purpose.

I’ve also decided to write stories here to allow people to get a better idea of my work and experience. While I have public repositories on my GitHub, not all work can be shared. This often becomes a problem when recruiting for internships and jobs, especially as a college student. How can recruiters fully evaluate our experience when most code can’t be shared? I view writing stories here (similar to how many tech companies write engineering blogs) as a great solution to this. It allows me to share the key concepts of my work without sharing confidential parts of the stack. I believe all college CS students should consider doing the same for their own work.

If you enjoy fun nights out, check out Discotech — the company I work at — at the website https://www.discotech.me!

Types Of Content You Can Expect
1. Specific Solutions
: As a developer, have you ever done a search when faced with a problem and been unable to find the specific Stack Overflow or article for your situation? Many of my writings here will relate to problems I’ve solved in my projects for which I couldn’t find much prior information. Hopefully, they will help someone else faced with a similar task.
2. Personal Projects: Anytime I complete a project, I will do a quick write up. I’ll typically detail why I created the project, key points of implementation, and some unique challenges I encountered. There will usually be a link to the project and instructions so you can use my project yourself!
3. Notable Work Projects: I will also share details of interesting projects I complete at work/internships that could be helpful to others.
4. Other Published Works: I will occasionally share works I’ve completed that are published elsewhere.
5. I will share or write about anything else I find compelling!

Contact Me
Feel free to contact me with questions about my experience and the stories I write on here. You can also contact me with suggestions to improve something I’ve shared here. You can reach me via my LinkedIn profile or simply by commenting on one of my stories!

Computer Science and Business Administration Student @ USC | Backend Developer @ Discotech | Passionate about Software Engineering